Hot Gamecube on Gamecube action on eBay

(Reaching waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to 2 months ago, 'cause this has been sitting in my draft pile that long)

There're hundreds of Gamecubes on sale on eBay every day, so how to choose which one to buy? Well, it looks like this one has been around the block a few more times then the rest. Controller on console, controller on controller, going on every position you can think of.

Hey, I'm sure there's someone out there who's into this sort of thing. I mean, hell, if there's a list of every video game you can either be eaten, eat something or watch something be eaten in, then there's gotta be at least one sad soul out there who's hankerin' for some hot Saturn on Dreamcast incest action (What naughty, unnatural place will they put the 32x next!).