Telepooping: Copraphilic Teledildonics?

Ah, the things slow weeks make me post.

Cloaca is a series of "art machines" built by the Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. These machines make poop. Pour different foods in, and the mechnical equivilent to the human digestive system goes to work, taking out the nutrients and putting out waste.

So why the hell is this on a sex blog, you ask?

Well, according to an interview in Bizarre Magazine, one of the Cloaca machines is actually internet enabled! Quote:

"On the New York museum curator's birthday, we fed (the machine) more via commands on the internet, and it produced a big shit for him"

So now we've got force feedback cow rears, and internet controlled pooping. The future of sick fringe fetishes (and completely automated, mechanized cow patty bingo) looks grander every day.

via Bizarre Magazine, May Issue (Reason #924 I hate living in the US: WHERE'S MY SEALED SECTION! :( )