Guy Game officially banned, moves to video distribution

Remember The Guy Game? Unfortunatly, we do. It was a rather stupid quiz/party game for PS2/Xbox that showed varying levels of boobage if you got a question right or wrong. Well, unfortunatly some of that boobage wasn't exactly old enough to be for sale on video, and the resulting lawsuit has now come out in favor of the children. So, no more Guy Game.

However, not to be detered from making tons and tons of sweet, sweet cash off the nakedness of idiotic college girls, the producers of the game are now releasing all of the game footage on a DVD. So, for only $20, you can watch stupid whores give scripted answers easy trivia questions, and then flash their boobs (which is apparently a valid replacement for lack of common knowledge).

Or you could just buy some real porn. Unless you're into that whole "badly played trivia" fetish thing.

via Fleshbot/Gamespot