So things are going well. You've got a blog that lots of people read, you think you've got a corner on the market of video game sex news, then some upstarts with "decades of experience in the game industry" and "credentials on many ground breaking video games" comes in and just screws it all up for you. Combine that with an addiction to an MMO that just won't stop, trying to bring up 3 new pages on your network, learn Ruby on Rails, and the post rate slows to a crawl....

Ok, so maybe we're being a little sarcastic. The IGDA Sex in Games blog and mailing list have really taken off (We're link to the day today! Wheee!), giving us all sorts links to relay like it's original content! Wh00t! Here's a whole bunch of stuff to read while we go play more Second Life.

TerraNova - Because VG blogging is totally academic when you have PhD in front of your name. :)

Heorine Sheik - A great blog on gender issues and sex in video games.

Thumb Bandits - VG blog currently doing a series on women in games called "The Vagina Gamerlouges". Good stuff, except for the fact that the mascots really, really creep me out (I have this thing about fingernails...)

The Corporation loves Slashdong! At least, for some values of "Loves", mostly the subsets involving "disgust".

And, in all seriousness, we do have some new, groundbreaking content on the way, it's just taking some time to generate, and there doesn't seem to be ANY good tech sex toy news lately. Someone make a teledildonics service I can bitch out or something!