The Ijaculator

The law of DIY building states:

For every ghetto ass hack you build, someone will build something ghettoer, and charge 5x as much

So now we find ourselves with the Ijaculator. This looks to be a toilet paper tube on a rocker base. To prepare, just stuff a latex glove in it, lube it up, and you're ready to go! All for only $300!

Yeah, that's right, $300. Nevermind that you can buy a Priceless for $179 (which should be discounted when you constantly advertise them on your page cough cough :) ), it comes works with the fleshlight which I can GUARENTEE feels a lot better than a waded up and lubed latex glove.

The final nail in the coffin has to be the billing. "Send $300 to (insert address here)!" In this day of credit cards and digital money transfer, I just don't think I'll be shipping a check to some random internet guy's house. I feel much better having 1's and 0's stolen than paper, it makes me feel more... techy.

Update: I just found out Fleshbot made this same rant a year ago. Well, at least there's a consensus.