Originally written by camzet for mmorgy.com

Picture a tall, deeply tanned woman, with a topknot and the ponytail falling to her knees. Sumptuously tall fetish boots encase her legs, strategically placed armor on her body, gorgeous hips and ass with a barely there armored thong....

That might just get you started on Camzet.

Here's a bigger taste of Camzet:

MMOrgy: Greetings Camzet! Welcome to MMORGY!

Camzet: Why thanks! I'm so happy to be here and give an insight into myself and the sex in Sociolotron.

MMOrgy: I've heard a rumor that Camzet isn't your full name. Would you care to share it with the readers?

Camzet: Um, well, I don't know...

MMOrgy: Come on.. it can't be that bad? What is it? Humpsalot? Biggistittus?

Camzet: Assfetish

MMOrgy: You're joking of course, right? Camzet Assfetish? You wanna go out some time? Haha, but seriously.. that's your name?

Camzet: Yes.. yes it is. I made it up three worlds ago in Socio (that's short for Sociolotron) and it's sort of just stuck on me.

MMOrgy: Haha! I can imagine many things sticking in you cough

MMOrgy: Do you get much interest because of your name?

Camzet: Why yes I do. I've had a few follow me because of it.

MMOrgy: Obviously there is more to you, and your ass, that what's seen at first glance. Care to describe your 'Assfetish' for our readers?

Camzet: Oh wow.. I was sort of hoping to skip all this but what the heck.

MMOrgy: Do you give or receive anal in Socio, I mean that's what we're all waiting to hear!

Camzet: I do have a giant red monster, hmmm sometimes green too, that I use on the ladies' derrieres.

MMOrgy: A giant red monster? care to explain?

Camzet: Well it's this giant dildo I strap around my waist and thighs. It's not quite for the squeamish as it forces a rather large path into their asses. My two girls enjoy it quite a bit.

MMOrgy: Wait a minute.. you have girls too?

Camzet: Oh yes, my owner doesn't mind at all. I have two of my own subs and both of them are sluts. One's more of a painslut than the other.. but I'm training her too.

MMOrgy: Painsluts? in Socio? how does that work?

Camzet: Hmm, how to explain.. . Painsluts enjoy the mix of pain with their pleasure. The more you orgasm with your pain almost or completely maxed out, the more your maso urge rises. And conversely, the more pain the girls are in when I orgasm, the higher my sado urge rises. Though I don't mind a little pain here and there.

Camzet:Urges - sadism, masochism, sex, and exhibition are all measurable statistics that increase during certain activities and can affect your play. Each of them has a satisfaction level that can also affect you. For example if you manage to max your maso urge, it'll help you absorb less pain or damage while fighting. Or course there is the side affect that you'll drop to all fours while doing so.

MMOrgy: Great! cough I mean that's interesting to know about the urges.

MMOrgy: Hey you're owned? Is it by a woman? It sounds like you really like the girl on girl action.

Camzet: Yeah I am, to a great guy who owns two other girls. I've been one of his subs since the end of last world.

MMOrgy: But does he mind that you own two of your own?

Camzet: No, not at all.. especially since my two girls know that they are also for his use.

MMOrgy: What's it like sharing your owner's attention with the two other girls?

Camzet: Oh not bad at all! Takes a lot of pressure off me. But he treats me slightly different than the other two anyways.

MMOrgy: Really, how so? More sex? Only anal - we really are curious about that! Rules?

Camzet: I'm given more freedoms than the other girls. I don't have to wear a locked chastity belt, can screw who I want, and roam the wilds of Socio as I choose. Though if he calls and needs me, I go to him.

MMOrgy: Come on, he must screw you some? In the ass?

Camzet: Yes, yes.. he screws me and definitely gives me some anal. He knows that's my preference. Usually he's got me down on my knees sucking him hard before accommodating my ass.

MMOrgy: Mmmmm.. that's a nice pictures... I'll certainly use them to jack off to.. oops I mean refer to later.

MMOrgy: You must be one sex starved vixen in Socio!

Camzet: Really, I'm rather tame compared to some. I spend a lot of my time doing other things.

MMOrgy: Besides sex? What else is there?

Camzet: Wonking.

MMOrgy: Wonking?

Camzet: Yep - wonking. I use that term for going on npc hunts. Killing them in the wilds of Socio. I also harvest raw materials to sell and trade. I have no real manufacturing skills, so wonking, harvesting, and sex are my primary focus.

MMOrgy: It was great talking to you Camzet, we hope to hear more of your fetish here on MMORGY, and definitely more pictures. I really need them to refer to. cough

Camzet: Why thank you, it was certainly my pleasure. Maybe one day you'll come into Socio and help me explore my fetish too!