Originally written by camzet for mmorgy.com

Ever catch a fleeting glance of your secret self as you arrive in London?

Wonder why they disappear so quickly? Could they be secretly stalking you? Maybe hoping for a glimpse of you naked?

Imagine them on their knees before you and that pretty ass ready for use ...

Or does your alt have a cock? ... Have a secret desire to taste your own cum?

Well here's the lowdown on how to screw your own alt.

  • Make sure you have an alt - create a new PC if your second PC slot is empty. An alt is shortened term for alternate or second character you are allowed in Socio. They are not logged in at the same time.

  • Log in the PC (player character) that you want to be the primary toon.
  • Log out and remember where you logged out.
  • Log in your alt.
  • Now with this alt, get close to the place where you logged out the primary PC and strip so that less than 50% percent of your genitals are showing and go into a room with a robot guard.

  • Now go into a room with a robot guard.

  • Now that your alt is flashing, quickly go to the place you logged out your primary PC and log off.
  • As quickly as possible, log in your primary PC. You only have a 1-2 minute window for grabbing your alt.
  • Go next to your flashing alt and select them. Then hold your alt.

  • Now go screw yourself!

  • Things to keep in mind while masturbating oops! I mean screwing your alt:
  • Your alt will not move, except into the positions you place them in.
  • Your alt will poof as soon as you let them go.
  • Usually you can only grab once before the time is up, even if they are still flashing, so don't let them go once you have them.
  • Any clothes (and the ballgag) will go into your alt's inventory if you disrobe them.
  • Chains and weapons (dildos and strapons being considered weapons) will go into your inventory when removed from your alt.
  • You can't impregnate your own alt or be impregnated by your alt. I know incest is best.. but you can't!

  • Then when all done, let go of your alt, and clean yourself off.