BeepSex: TranceVibrator Patch for Max/MSP

Since we don't have enough project series going yet, it's time to add another one to the pile. Beepsex is all about audio triggered sex. Be it software (as it is in this case) or hardware, we're taking our usual role as mcgyver-respecting potheads and sound is our new bong making material. Except, you know, we do the sex stuff, so it's only illegal in some southern states.

In this round of BeepSex, we hook up the Rez TranceVibrator to Max/MSP, the visual audio/video programming environment. Using this patch, you can set any Max object that outputs an integer value to feed into the TranceVibrator speed control. Making music that will only be appreciated by drugged up kids or bedroom hermited monitor tanned geeks has never been so sex filled!

We recommend listening to Ganucheau while reading this article.