Regina, girl, you craaaaaaaazy.

In terms of replayable or virtual sex stimulation, we've got 3 of the 5 senses pretty covered.

Sight: There've been drawings for millenia, pictures and movies for over a century

Hearing: The phonograph to the tape recorder to CDs to mp3s, as long as you moan into the mic, someone can hear it later.

Touch: For guys, as long as fairly holes have exists, so have toys. For women, "marital aids" have existed for well over a century.

So, that leaves us with two senses left to go: smell and taste. I'm honestly not sure how taste is gonna work, and up until today, I wasn't too sure about smell, either. That all changed when I read today's entry on the Sex Drive Blog.

The post was initial about Cell Phone Scents. Basically, litlle air fresheners that poof whenever your phone rings. However, Regina, god love her, managed to dirty it up a bit. She suggested using the, er, "scent" of a lover in place of whatever horribly fake potpourri mix was in there at the moment. (Though I can't really imagine what the... extraction process would be like)

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks of crazy shit like this.

I can only imagine that shit going off in an elevator. There's really nothing like a nice, concentrated shot of pheramones in a small, non-ventalated room to make things go either very right or very wrong very quickly.