I'll be speaking at South by Southwest Interactive, on the "Secret Sex Lives of Video Games" Panel on Tuesday, March 14th.

The peanut gallery consists of:

Tony Walsh - ClickableCulture (A spiffy MMOG blog)

Glennis McClellan - Republik Games (Makers of hopefully spiffy MMOVSGs)

Julianne Greer - The Escapist (Makers of that "New Games Journalism" that the kids seem to love.)

Mark Wallache - Who Cares (Peddler of commy pinko yellow journalistic trash media and master of the occult practice of getting book deals about aforementioned trash media)

Kyle Machulis (aka qDot, aka qDot Bunnyhug, aka ME) - Nonpolynomial Labs/IGDA Sex In Games SIG/Slashdong.org/MMOrgy.com (Lord of the Pixel Boobies)

All in all, it should be a good time. Of course, by good time, I mean at least 3 fistfights. I'll have the full rules to the SXSW Panel drinking game posted sometime in early March so everyone can start practicing.

So, if nothing else, go to watch me feel horribly alone in a mass of people who can use terms like "Web 2.0", "blogosphere" and "tagging" all in the same sentence while keeping a straight face AND not joking! I'll be spending my evenings in my hotel room burning myself with my soldering iron to remind me who I really am.