The Full Stroke

Looks like The Priceless might have a little competition!

The FullStroke is... interesting. From looking at their how it works page, it seems that it's something similar to the way the Fleshlight works, except more automaticy. It has a valve at the end of the tube that simulates the FL cap, building up and releasing pressure on the stroke and creating a vaccum.

I dunno how into their harness system I am, though. That just doesn't look comfy at ALL for guys, and the female one? Not even gonna go there. Granted, if you're using something like this, you're not usually trying to look sexy for someone else, but still. Some of us just can't stop thinking about fashion no matter what.

Anyways, at $199, it's certainly a contender in the "Poor Schmuck who can't afford a Venus" category.