Ok, so I realize SXSW ended like, 2 weeks ago, but I never did get a chance to post about all of the wonderful, wonderful press that came out of our session there.

GuideLive - SXSW: Sex By Southwest

Reciprocal Demand - Austin Chronical

Sex Alive and Well in Video Games - CNet

SXSW: My Blue World: Game Experts Give Red Light Talk

Fleshbot - Sex in Video Games at SXSW

Lots of good press from the panel, but of course, the panel was not the big part of the conference.

Oh, lordy no. If you technorati SXSW and Sex and Video Games, you won't get too many posts.

But just try "roomba frogger", and, well, holy shit.

Yes, I was a picture taking bystander of the rather famous activities happening that night. Thanks you, Daniel, for pointing me out as the "an expert in teledildonics" in the middle of an article already full of dubious activities. It was quite funny to watch all of the forum threads about how many babies we could've killed followed by "Wow, dude, Teledildonics is a fucking awesome term!".

See? Told you Slashdong was about education!

Anyways, my picture set of roomba frogger is up on Flickr now, just in case anyone is still interested in this admittedly aged meme.

Other than that, SXSW was great, I was very glad to be able to party with the Clickable Culture/Make Magazine/Second Life Herald/Electric Sheep Company/The Escapist/whoever else I met up with. I've still got a ton of business cards to go through. Urf.