Originally written by qDot for mmorgy.com

So yeah, life is good. You don't update your site for 4 months, and yet, you're still pulling enough hits to continue to let it stagnate while you work on getting your life back together. Then, one day, the hits double, specifically off of google references to "whorecraft" and "world of whorecraft". And you begin to wonder... Is someone doing something about sex in warcraft? Just maybe?

Well, it certainly looks like someone is.

Er, lemme try that again. It certainly looks like someone is...

There we go. Anyways, yes, Whores of Warcraft has arrived, proving you can put some halloween elf ears and silly makeup on a c-level porn start, fuck her, film it, and drive hits to a site about MMO sex. And for this, I must thank the producers of the aforementioned site.

However, I swear to fuckin' god, if they can work in DKP banter in the orgasmic screams, then I'm totally buying this shit. Twice.