Sultry Services: Adult Copywriting Services

You know, there's probably a million of these, but not all of them link to me, and I hadn't really thought about this as a business model before, so they get the luxury of being an offtopic post on a sex tech blog. Sultry Services does Adult Website Copywriting.

No, not copyrighting. Copywriting.

As in, they write the ads for adult websites. Now, I'm sure anyone reading this will have the same thought as I did the first time I saw this... "WTF, I could totally do that shit!". Unfortunately, I then realized that I would probably end up sounding like Cheech's ever so famous monologue from Dusk 'til Dawn. Over, and over, and over. I can only think of so many words for pussy/cock/otherwise before I either start:

  • repeating myself
  • getting really esoteric and weird
  • getting really, really stupid

So, to the adult copywriters of the world, my hat is off to you, for writing all those words that I don't even notice because they're situated above, below, and around porn.