So during my trip to LA (which I still need to write up), the guys from Nue were nice enough to meet up with me, tell me about their product, then give me a 24 pack. These things have been nothing but fun ever since. I took a few to GDC and handed them out at the Sex in Games Roundtable, then took a big ol' batch to SXSW, threw them out during The Sex and Computational Technology panel, and handed some out at the parties I went to. Well, one thing led to another, and sure enough, a grainy, dark video of Ze Frank giving one a quick test poke has hit the internet.


And here's Philip Torrone with one! All of the Internet Celebs are being seen with Nue!

Thanks again to the people from Nue USA for making this possible. I'll be writing more about their product and others in our upcoming FuckTube Roundup Videocast.

via Second Life Insider