Yup, I'm back. Sorta. Just kinda lost that blogging feeling for a few months. May lose it again after I blow the content I've built up from not posting for 3 months (not that any of you have scooped me on much that I'll be posting either, ya lazy bastards).

Anyways, first off, for those of you that missed it at ETech, my presentation slides are now available at:


It's basically the same deck I've used throughout the past few conferences, and it's also the /last/ time I'll use it. That's right, no new conferences until new content. I figure everyone either knows the basics of this by now, or can tune into Vimeo page with my Arse Elektronika Version of the presentation. Here. I'll even embed it for you, again.

So yeah. No conferences in the pipeline now. And I'm happy for that. Time to make new stuff.