Update: I originally said 3Feel had been released in Korea. However, as someone commented on this post, the only available language is Chinese. I think I said Korea 'cause that's where the article from the 2005 post came from, or something. Anyways, post it updated, origin country could still be wrong 'cause I still can't read Asian languages, but everything else is still relevant. :)

Back in 2005, 3Feel was like Slashdong's own, personal Spore. It had promises of sex, and massively multiplayer gaming, and hardware, all rolled into one big bundle. Then, just as suddenly as it came, it disappeared back across the ocean, never to be seen again. Even so, 3feel was in the top 10 slashdong.org search engine referrer results every day since then.

However, around February 2008, the number of hits I started getting from 3Feel again skyrocketed, mainly driven from the IGDA Sex in Games LOTD. After watching the hits go up and up for 3 months, I decided it's finally time to take a look at what's going on, and low and behold, 3Feel is out!

Here's a couple of painful movies:

Unfortunately, the game seems to only be available in Korea unidentified asian country right now, and requires you to sign up for an account, which requires knowledge of Korean Chinese that I do not have. However, I'm sure there's a few enterprising game bloggers out there that can go get their virtual fuck on and write about it. Please tell me if you do, too, I'd love to see what's going on. There's still quite a bit of talk of the hardware capabilities of the game (i.e. sex toy control/teledildonics), which would be awesome (and the first first-party integrated network controlled use of toys in a game, at least that I'm aware of).

MMOSite has an interview with the CEO of the company that created 3Feel, with a really interesting note about the revenue model...

3 Feel will make money in three ways: subscription fee, item selling and lovemaking fee which will be calculated from the caressing period.

I think I'm gonna start billing for everything by caressing period units.