A Series of Controversial Dildos

It seems that the contestants for the Golden Kleene prize at Arse Elektronika 2008 are off to a start on their development, and I happened upon one of the blogs!

A Series of Controversial Dildos, by the circuit benders at Cho-Yaba.com (seriously, take some time to look around the blog, lots of neat stuff here), isn't really a series of controversial dildos (at least, not as much as the divine interventions line of toys) as much as it is a series of controversial control schemes for dildos. The two current projects (both based off Arduino boards) include a vibrator that reacts off of USGS seismic feeds (definitely controversial there), and another that seems to be some sort of chastity belt based on political leanings that I'm not quite sure I get the gist of yet. There's also the "Perpetual Erection Machine", which only exists as a title at the moment, but who knows what it could be!

Definitely interested to see where these are going, and what the other contestants are up to! And remember, Arse Elektronika 2008 happens at Cellspace in San Francisco, September 25-28.