I never really wanted to get to the point on this site where I just reposted a bunch of links. However, I now find myself in the situation where I have a bunch of links, most of which are gleened from watching the word 'teledildonics' on twitter, and none of which I feel like writing a full post about. So, here we are.

Emotion Jackets

Yup, it's that time again. Asian universities were making hug jackets years ago, and now it's starting to show up again.

The Philips Emotion Jacket, from the team that brought you the now spun off amBX system (and remember, there's always libambx for your cross-platform, use it because it validates my hobbies needs!) has now made a haptic jacket so you can feel punches.

Nothing new, but the amount of actuators is far more than the Third Space Vest that I've talked about before but can't seem to find the posts on. So, if you're into getting punched, you're about to get more choice in the technology you use to simulate that punch over long distances.

But of course, not everyone is into getting punched. For these people, who I will from this point forward refer to as 'wusses', there's yet another hug jacket because the idea hasn't been done to death yet, really. Except this one works in second life, and gives you more than just hugs. Presented at the Augmented Human International Conference last month (why was I not at this?), the iFeel_IM! jacket allows you to apply pressure to it, which then relays itself via the network (in this specific instance, Second Life) to another person. Now, I've seen this versions of this done for chickens, by student groups and artists, etc... for years now, but it always seems to come back around and get some fanfare, and a couple of new features. For instance, this one generates heat, and can apparently also simulate "tingling" feelings. I'm not sure I agree with the idea of needing an external warmth generator to feel glad to see someone via an online communications context, as if you know the person or at least persona is there, you're gonna get that anyways, no extra technology required. It's why people can still fap to text sex just fine.

And therefore, the surprising quote from the article...

"While he could have added a mechanism for sexual arousal, Tsetserukou decided doing so would ultimately distract from his focus on emotion boosting."

Well, less competition for me, I guess.

For more on emotional clothing, I once again highly recommend the Talk2MyShirt blog

Scary Sex Toy Fridays

Scary Sex Toy

Image pretty much says it all, there. Scary Sex Toy Friday is a fun sex toy review blog that just has scary shit on it. Not usually all that technology related, but there's a certain art to making things you put in yourself, and a lot of times, it's a damn hilarious art.

Sex Toy Design

Good Magazine has an interesting article on sex toy design. It's the usual American "Let's Dance around JimmyJane as the one saving grace of sex toy design" when companies like Tenga in Japan have been working on interesting designs for years too, but hey, this is a links post, so I'm trying to be subjective.


Ever wondered what the Teledildonics article on wikipedia sounds like when read out loud?

Well, now you can find out.

I really need to learn to say "Teledildonics" the way the reader does.