Now that Thrixxx (the makers of the Virtually Jenna and 3D Sex Villa) have basically taken over the world of mainstream kinect news with their original kinect sex interface video, they've now put out a fully uncensored version of their interface, showing more gestures, including toy usage and insertion.

This now comes on top of the much reported news that Microsoft has said they will not condone adult content on the kinect, which absolutely no one is either surprised at or gives a shit about, but it's giving the press another way to extend this story's legs. The kinect cannot be used for commercial products, and none of us would ever expect a game this sexually explicit on a major console. However, the Primsesense Reference kit can be used for whatever the hell you want, and only costs $50 more.

This is a win for all parties involved. MS gets to champion the family friendliness of their console, Thrixxx keeps on getting press that now has one of the biggest software companies on Earth attached to it, and bloggers like me get to reuse the same content post after post after post.

Thanks to Adult Game Reviews for the heads up on the uncensored video. Go play their Sims-generated game, Simone, while you wait for Thrixxx to get their game out.