In addition to the web development position posted last week, is looking for a web-based tangible interaction designer for contract work! Build neat front-ends to Comingle's open source sex toy technology!

Comingle Logo

Job description from the application:

This position will be responsible for making elegant web-interfaces for controlling our arduino-powered toys. We have built a powerful back-end for connecting to and controlling these robots over the web, and your job will be to create gorgeous, fun to play with, open-source interfaces. Think about fun HTML5 or processing.js style interfaces. Think integrated web cams and microphones. Think fun physics and interfaces that are toys themselves. You should also think about interfaces that will resound with our particular types of users and their very specific needs.

I'm looking at you, every Studio for Creative Inquiry/ITP/etc... student ever. This is why you majored in interaction design, right? LESS CHILDREN'S MUSEUM EXHIBITS, MORE DILDOS.

Ok I am probably not helping and should shut up. Go apply.

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