And now, on to new weekly feature #2, a crowdfunding roundup! This will cover any and all currently live crowdfunding campaigns I'm aware of. If you're running one that's not on here, please email the tips address (listed in the footer of this page) or yell at me on twitter at @metafetish or @qdot.

  • VirtuaDolls
    • 63% (US$31931 raised / US$50000 needed) in 10 days, 30 days left.
    • News/Thoughts: Originally asked for $20k, got so much so quick that they stopped the campaign and asked for $50k. Toy looks mechanically complicated and difficult to produce. Producer claims they're building hardware in the US, and will ship in 3 months of campaign end. Personally, I don't know how this would ship for under at least 1.5 million in investment, especially with a fully interactive game, so they're either getting money somewhere else and have a surprisingly large team that they aren't talking about, or this is massively underfunded.

  • Blewit
    • 307% ($61448/$20000) in 26 days, 14 days left
    • News/Thoughts: Tenga Fliphole, in a different, not as pretty outfit, with a worse cleaning mechanism. The drying dock is an interesting idea though.

  • Tetris Like Simple Game for Mobile Phone
    • 0% ($0/$500) in 35 days, 5 days left
    • News/Thoughts: From the campaign description: "The game has an educational aproach - the combinations graphically explain the best healt habits regarding the sexual activity." Now enjoy spending the rest of your day thinking about how Tetris has influenced your sex life.

  • World's Most Realistic Affordable Sex Doll
    • 0% ($0/$20000) in 9 days, 31 days left
    • News/Thoughts: Um. The first reward. $500 for a 2'11" doll with "vagina function". That's... difficult. However, the stretch rewards are great. "If we pass the $25,000 mark, we will provide free underwear."

Since I'm getting a late start on this, here's some links to campaigns that've already ended that I never did get to post about:

Tune in next Tuesday for updates and new postings!

UPDATE: ZINI DIB crowdfunding campaign removed from post, as product has been on sale for 2 years already. The campaign is being run by a store that just sells the product.

UPDATE 2: Due to a severe lack of reading comprehension, I reported the Lioness Vibrator campaign being over. In fact, it still has a month left, though it met its goal in 4 days. I'll be adding them back to the live campaign list next week. Sorry!