First off, some meta-crowdfunding news. Adult Crowdfunding Site Offbeatr has closed indefinitely due to "corporate restructuring". I wrote a few years ago about the rather crazy requirements for running offbeatr campaigns, not sure if those had changed since.

Anyways, onto the live campaigns!

  • Lioness Vibrator
    • 156% (US$78087 raised / US$50000 needed) in 15 days, 25 days left.
    • News/Thoughts: Accidentally called the campaign already finished last week, when it's still going strong and not even 50% done yet. I'm interested in what differentiates this from The Hum, which is another sensor-filled vibrator that has a successful crowdfunding campaign a year ago. No matter what, I'm happy to see more toys integrate biometrics sensors, even if the question of what to do with the data is dicey.

  • VirtuaDolls
    • 82% (US$40822 raised / US$50000 needed) in 19 days, 21 days left.
    • News/Thoughts: Despite some negative press, the Virtuadolls campaign continues along, looking to be on their way to make their goal. Really, really interested to see if this even gets close to shipping.

  • Blewit
    • 332% ($66491/$20000) in 35 days, 5 days left