Well, got my badge and my program and all that, so let's see what's going on...

flips through program

Ooooh, 8 "haptic input device" companies on the show floor...

flips somemore

Some of the talks and posters...

  • A Ball-Type Vibro-Tactile Space Mouse Using One Web Camera
  • An Electrical Muscle Stimulation Haptic Feedback for Mixed-Reality Tennis Game
  • Meshless Visual and Haptic Interaction From a Real-Time Depth Image

Emerging Technologies...

  • Fibratus Tactile Sensor (capable of sensing 'gentle' touch)
  • Freqtric Game (Human skin contact as game controller)
  • Gravity Grabber (Wearable Haptic Display to Present Virtual Mass Sensation)
  • Haptic Telexistence
  • Microsoft Surface (Ok so there's not much haptic here but I have this whole thing about Surface displaying nude people while I eat off of it so I can act like I'm eating at one of those sushi places where you eat off a nude person except like I can be eating buffalo wings out of the freezer or something.... yeah.)