Stupid Conference Tricks (SIGGRAPH 2007): Porting the Wiibrator to OS X

I try to do one stupid project every conference I go to now. This time (SIGGRAPH 2007), it was porting the Wiibrator to OS X so I could use it on my mac. This also involved getting a SWIG'd version of libusb working on OS X, which means I can now port Twitterdildonics to python easily.

Unfortunately, the wiibrator only "sort of" works due to the fact that the python bluetooth lib isn't thread safe and therefore I have to do my input fetching and other computations in the same thread, which means I don't update fast enough to beat the wiimote sampling rate, so the FFT isn't real happy. But, not bad for a few hours work over the week while the boring papers were up. :)

I'll have it at the reception tonight, wheee. :D

Wiibrator Python Source, libusb compiled library w/ swig interface (SWIG stuff taken from USBTiny Project)