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Wed 29 June 2016
Kinky Code - Tease AI
Tags: kinkycode opensource github tease teaseai compdom webtease
Tue 07 April 2015
Where Are They Now? - Rez TranceVibrator Edition
Tags: rez trancevibrator toys opensource metafetishgithubmove
Tue 07 April 2015
NSFW Arduino Class with Dr. Xtreme/Orgamastronics at NYC Resistor
Tags: opensource arduino orgasmatronics education
Sun 29 March 2015
Metafetish On Github
Tags: slashdong metafetish github opensource code
Mon 26 November 2012
Lelo Lyla RF/Arduino Control Hack, and a Hopeful Future
Tags: diy opensource arduino vibrators toys rf
Mon 03 September 2012
The Pen15 Board Now At Trinculo's Attic
Tags: pen15 diy opensource vibrators arduinos
Tue 29 May 2012
RealTouch Removes DRM, Goes Open Source
Tags: realtouch opensource software toys
Sun 27 May 2012
Where is the open source sex software?
Tags: opensource software teledildonics articles
Sat 15 October 2011
The Pen15 Board - Arduino Teledildonics Shield
Tags: projects opensource vibrators arduino
Thu 12 August 2010
Sputniko! and the Penis Cybernetique
Tags: art opensource
Tue 13 May 2008
Open Source Teledildonics Projects
Tags: diy opensource teledildonics
Wed 01 March 2006
TranceVibrator - Linux/OSX Drivers and fingerd client.
Tags: software trancevibrator finger linux opensource
Mon 13 June 2005
How Shit Works: Teledildonics
Tags: freesex teledildonics opensource software
Wed 08 June 2005
Vice Versa: Playboy Spreads Open Source Software
Tags: software playboy opensource
Fri 03 June 2005
FreeSex: The Open Source Teledildonics Network
Tags: software freesex patents opensource